about the lawsuit

Over 100 drivers have filed a lawsuit alleging fraud, false advertising and other wrongdoing by Juno and Founder Talmon Marco.  The defendants in the lawsuit also include members of Juno's Founding Team and Board of Directors.  Together, these individual scheme to lie and defraud drivers.  As alleged in the lawsuit, Mr. Marco lured drivers--20,000 of them--to drive for Juno based on false promises of equity ownership in the company. 



Juno was sold for $200 million.  At the time it was sold, Juno took the position that drivers equity was being "cancelled. " The company would go on.  Riders and Drivers would continue to use the same app.  Everything would be the same except that Drivers shares were "cancelled."  Drivers would get nothing for their shares.  When they went to Juno looking for answers, Juno took the position that the equity was worthless.  Juno also said that an "independent evaluation" was done to make this determination.  To this day, Juno has refused to release the so-called  "independent valuation."



Among the claims drivers have made are that Juno made a series of misrepresentations and false statements to induce drivers to first pitch Juno to their Uber customers, and eventually go from driving to Uber to driving from Juno, bringing as many customers with them along the way as possible.

False Advertising

Juno spread its message through advertisements on the internet, radia, print, and news media.  Juno relentlessly informed the public that it was a driver owned-company.  Juno lied to thousands of New York City Riders and Drivers on the way to securing a $200 million buyout that would see its owners and investors handsomely rewarded at the expense of drivers who got nothing.